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Surf Plug

5 Vintage Striped Bass Fishing Lures/Surf Plugs


Custom Surf Pajama Fishing Plug


custom surf fishing plug


Striper lures,3 1/2 oz Ron Muccie Danny Plug,Saltwater Lures,Surf Plugs,


Yo-Zuri Mag Darter Floating Surf Plugs (4in, 5in, 6.5in)


Custom surf casting plug


Striper lures,2009 Golden Bay Needlefish,Surf Plugs,Saltwater Lures,Bluefish


Vintage Capt n Bills Saltwater Striper Surf Plug Fishing Lure


Striper lures,2oz Mackrel Pencil,Saltwater Lures,Surf Plugs,Topwater Lures


Striper lures,Vintage Darters Lot of 2,Vintage Lures,Surf Plugs,Saltwater Lures


Striper lures,2oz Needlefish,Surf Lures,Bluefish Lures,Striped Bass Plugs


Tattoo’s Tackle 2.5 oz Diver Striper Lure Surf Plug


Striper lures,3oz Tiger Shark Plug,Custom Striped Bass Plugs,Surf Plugs


Striper lures,Vintage Needlefish lot of 2,Custom Striper Plugs,Surf Lures


Striper Lures,Vintage Gibbs GTS Swimmer,Gibbs Lures,Vintage Lures,Surf Plugs


Striper lures,FJR Handcarves Swimmer,Bluefish Lures,Striped Bass,Surf Plugs


Striper lures,Vintage 1oz Larrys Lure Darter, Saltwater Lures,Custom Surf Plugs


Custom Surf Fishing Plug


Striper lures,4 1/4 oz Big Danny Plug,Surf Lures,Bluefish Lures,Striped Bass


Striper Lures,Very Tough FJR 3oz Squud pencil,Custom Striper Plugs,Surf Lures


Bodega Bay Metal lip swimmer Striper Surf Plugs,Saltwater Lures,Striped Bass


Striper lures,Vintage 3 1/8 oz Ballistic Missile,Surf Plugs,Saltwater Lures


Vintage Atom Blueswirl A40,Atom Lures,Striper Lures,Surf Plugs,Vintage Lures


Striper lures,Captn Andy Danny Plug,Surf Lures,Bluefish Lures,Striped Bass


Striper lures,Surfster 2004 Jointed Pikie,Surf Lures,Striped Bass,Custom Plugs


Custom 2 oz 6 1/2 inch Spook Lure Striper Surf Plug


Striper lures,FJR Handcarve 2019 Shark Plug,Custom Striper Lures,Surf Plugs


(4pc lot) Gag's Grabbers Mambo Minnow 5" 1/2oz Floating Plug Surf Lures [A22]


Popper lot (7) Striper Surf Plugs,Saltwater Lures,Striped Bass


Striper Lures,Vintage Cordell Redfins Lot of 2,Cotton Cordell Lures,Surf Plugs,


Striper lures,Early Beachmaster Spin Atom,Beachmaster Lures,Surf Plugs


Striper lures,4oz Pbau Giant Rattling Swimmer,Custom Surf Plugs,Striped Bass


Striper lures,Washed Ashore Squid Spook,Surf Plugs,Striped Bass Lures


Striper Lures,Winch Pikie,Saltwater Lures,Surf Plugs,Striped Bass Lures